Melanzane/Eggplants with Mint, Fennel & Parsley

Melanzane/Eggplants With Mint, Fennel & Parsley

Melanzane or Eggplants are a fundamental staple in Sicilian and Southern Italian cuisines – but they are often found in other Mediterranean cuisines such as Greek, Arabic, Northern African, Spanish or Southern French. In my childhood, we always picked eggplants from Papa‘s or Nonno‘s garden/orto. As I grew, I replicated the myriad dishes we make with them in Sicilian cuisine with family and friends from across the world coming to our home. This is a super quick and tasty side dish you can enjoy with family or friends during an ordinary meal or for get togethers.



Mint (all herbs are best fresh but you can use dry ones as well)


Fennel Leaves


Olive Oil

*Vinegar if you wish


For this dish above, I washed the eggplants and diced in cubes – keeping the skin. You can also remove the skin if you wish. Place in a pan, sprinkle some salt and cover with water. Bring to a boil and drain. Add olive oil and sprinkle with fresh mint, parsley an fennel leaves…..and voila’! Ready to serve and enjoy!

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