Sicily is the Mediterranean island where I was born from a Sicilian Father and a Sicilian-American Mother ~ without knowing or planning, this defined the compass and course of my life. Although I traveled, studied and worked internationally, I was always asked about my favorite destinations in Sicily and nearby, if I had connections, if I could map out the journeys of family and friends.

Slowly these casual requests, started becoming more and more constant, in the interim, I started working in International Travel at my university in the USA designing and arranging Study/Work/Intern/Volunteer Opportunities and Trips for other students and professors as well as academic groups around the globe for six years during my undergraduate and graduate studies.

Then I joined the team of a Travel Agency also in the USA specializing in Italy and Malta and for four years I created more than 100 itineraries a year and accompanied a few groups per season across the boot from North to South, East to West, Islands included with the addition of Malta.

During these years, I wrote and published “My Sicily,”a travel memoir about my childhood memories and favorite destinations and people. The book tour brought me on an unforgettable journey across the USA and Sicily with more than 50 stops. Gracefully and with immense gratitude, I was also awarded a Literary Award in collaboration with the Sicilian Parliament and along with the recognition as an Emerging Sicilian Female Entrepreneur Abroad.

In 2015, the concept for my own travel boutique was born until I launched “That’s Amore Boutique Travels” specializing in the destinations that I know best, have personally experienced and researched and the web of local connections I have made throughout my life.

Sicily, Southern Italy and their Islands evoke a thousand indescribable emotions with their Mediterranean sea and sunshine, breathtaking nature, vibrant colors, joyful allegria, charming hospitality and people, multilayered histories, ancient traditions and original gastronomic experiences. Il tempo/time and life move differently on these lands and it is important that you know how to meander and wander around these factors. I will share my knowledge to ensure you enjoy smooth and transformative journeys.

I am passionate about sharing all these jewels and creating with you boutique journeys, each unique and original, that will allow you to savor and explore these special destinations at the pace, manner, degree of immersion and comfort level that you wish for. Grazie and look forward to working with you very soon! Francesca

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