Melanzane/Eggplants with Mint, Fennel & Parsley

Melanzane or Eggplants are a fundamental staple in Sicilian and Southern Italian cuisines – but they are often found in other Mediterranean cuisines such as Greek, Arabic, Northern African, Spanish or Southern French. In my childhood, we always picked eggplants from Papa‘s or Nonno‘s garden/orto. As I grew, I replicated the myriad dishes we makeContinue reading “Melanzane/Eggplants with Mint, Fennel & Parsley”

Baccala’/Codfish A ‘Gghiotta

Buonasera to all of you! I am delighted to begin the Blog section of my agency website with dishes I shared to keep each other company during covid! Happy to see how many of you were interested and asked me for recipes. As you know, I am not a professional Chef and therefore don’t useContinue reading “Baccala’/Codfish A ‘Gghiotta”